Virginie Khateeb is a French-Palestinian portrait, fashion and documentary photographer from East of France, currently based between London and Paris.

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Born and raised by a French mother and a Palestinian father, Virginie spent her childhood and teenage years between the countryside of East of France and the cities of Haifa, Nazareth and Acre. Growing up, her dream was to become an explorer for the National Geographic. She moved to Paris at 17yo and studied Communications & Advertising. She subsequently worked for prestigious advertising firms and luxury houses before dedicating herself fully to the creation of unique still and moving images.

Khateeb’s bold colour palette and intense monochromes please the eye and result in images full of tension, character and beauty that is pure, raw and unspoiled; a welcome slice of calm among the deafening chaos. She is a particular tour de force when it comes to portraiture, both of humans and the natural landscape we inhabit, punctuating the subject in an aura of vanitas.

She can make a photograph of a woman’s back tell a whole lifetime of stories, encourage a flock of disappearing birds to move the viewer to profound emotion, and turn a tangled web of telecom cables into a map of the human mind.

Khateeb’s longing for discovery and new experiences is constantly pushing her to find unspoiled beauty, whether that lays within a person or a particular place.

Her work has been presented on the covers of The Telegraph, Hot Hot Hot magazine, Wallpaper, Modern Weekly and Forbes and within titles including Vogue UA, Wall Street Journal, Pleasure Garden. Alongside working commercially with brands including Louis Vuitton, Netflix, Cartier, Alexander McQueen, Mr Porter and Belstaff, Virginie’s heart belongs to portraiture wether celebrity portraiture with the likes of Viola Davis, Catherine Deneuve or Monica Bellucci or candid portraiture captured during meaningful events or solo journeys to India, California or Thailand. Her work is greatly influenced by her passion for travelling, exploration, inclusiveness, social justice and authenticity.


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2019 Sixteen Journal Retrospective, Oddity Paris